weekend homesteaders

Hi, and welcome to my homesteading blog! I created this blog to journal for myself and share with others the successes (and failures) I’ve had as a homesteader on a small-acre parcel in the northern Midwest. I feel that by creating this blog I can chronicle my journey, hold myself accountable to the homesteading goals I’ve set, and help others along the way. I will be sharing insights I’ve gained, helpful tips and tricks to creating a self-sustaining homestead, and resources that have benefited me along the way.

My name is Matthew and I am a weekend homesteader. A husband of a loving wife and father of an adorable toddler who enjoys living the homesteading lifestyle… as well as living in the big city!

Authors note: As of 1/21/2017, I quit my career of 17 years to pursue my dream of creating a sustainable homestead.

Three days a week we live at our country home, a twelve-acre homestead resting along a secluded river, wooded with oaks, maples, and birch, overgrown with raspberries, wildflowers, and wetland foliage, and inhabited by deer, turkey, and birds of all varieties. In a house being updated to be self-sufficient during long Midwest winters, on a property with enough resources to support that effort, this is where we have chosen to raise our daughter. A home with three sources of heat, on an independent well, cooled by the natural shade of trees and the cool breeze coming off the fields, here we hunt and fish, can and preserve, make maple syrup, dehydrate fruits and vegetables, raise chickens for meat and eggs, and seek to expand our knowledge of homesteading through first-hand experience. This, nearly a hundred miles from our other home.

While I may someday become a full-time homesteader, other current interests take us to a busy downtown metropolitan area, dotted with skyscrapers, miles of skyways, crowded sidewalks, and busy intersections. That is where we enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city, its culture, cuisine, art, and entertainment. That is where we have made our weekday residence, and that is where we pursue our careers in finance and technology. Come Thursday each week, we’re excited to return to our weekend homestead in the country.

While this blog was created to primarily address my homesteading activities, I may also include content that addresses dual-home-ownership, travel, parenthood, and more! Please use the Contact Us page to tell me what I’m doing right or what you’d like me to write about next!