Items available from the homestead will vary seasonally and by demand.

Look below for current items for sale and contact me here for delivery options in Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro area.

On sale now:

Maple Syrup. Wood-fired, small batch pure maple syrup – $20/qt

Chaga. Wild crafted beneficial birch tree fungi. Chunks or ground – $3.50/oz

Organic, fresh-cut microgreens – $4.oo/oz

Organic, forest pasture raised pork – limited availability, Ask about specific cuts

Organic chicken, whole, 8 pc’s, or breast/wings/thighs packages – $5.00/lb whole, $5.50/lb 8pc, Ask about others

Pasture raised, no-soy, organic fed chickens eggs – reduced winter production and available only at Minnesota Street Market

Rabbit. Pasture raised, organic pellet supplemented fryers – price per lb TBD

Available in spring

Organic Cornish game hens and young fryers by demand only

Other items by demand can include organic turkey, duck, goose, and other poultry – ask about creating a custom order!

Foraged wild mushrooms – priced by variety per weight as items become available

Organic, non-GMO produce – price varies