Organic fed, antibiotic-free, pasture raised pork from the Weekend Homesteader is sold by the whole or half hog. It is priced by hanging weight. Hanging weight is approximately 72% of the live weight. Each hog is unique so sizes will vary, but we target for around 170 pounds hanging weight per whole hog.

An exciting part of ordering a hog from us, in addition to knowing where your meat comes from, is that you choose the cuts. Hams – cured or uncured. Bacon – fresh or cured. Pork butt – steaks, cutlets, or roasts. And the ground pork – bulk packages or sausage links and patties, smoked sausages or bratwursts. You can customize your order to fit your family’s preference. You can even ask to keep the non-typical pork products, like liver, lard, heart, jowls, and hocks.

We use Plantenbergs in Richmond as our processor. They are among the cleanest facilities I’ve toured, do excellent work, and are a state Equal-To processor. That means they can process meat products for wholesale within the State of Minnesota; this plant is under continuous inspection. They let you customize your order and make excellent brats, sausage, bacon, and more.

Once pigs are delivered for processing, we will notify you of the final cost of your hog. At that time, final payment will be due to the Weekend Homesteader.  The processors fee will be assessed when you pick up your custom order at their facility and is paid to them directly.

Order now for summer 2019 pork products!

$3.75 per pound, half or whole, of the target hanging weight would amount to about $320 total for a half hog and $640 for the whole. A whole hog typically yields a minimum 120 pounds of closely trimmed, mostly boneless eating meat after processing

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required for a half hog order, $300 for the whole hog. The deposit goes toward the total cost. Contact me directly for orders.

Processing fees vary depending on your customization of the order with the processor. We can help guide you in your choices with them. As an estimate, figure $100 per half hog and $200 whole in processing, wrapping, freezing, and packaging fees.