Winter Watering:

The horizontal watering nipples are a must for overwintering hens in Minnesota. Get a pail and install these nipples, then run the heater into the pail and put the lid on. Winter watering is a snap. On the coldest days, -35F plus -65F with the windchill, this method survived and the water was available to the hens. The bucket is still useful for summertime too, just without the heater.

Pro tip: Never buy a metal Double Wall Waterer

All Season Feeding:

You’ll want a system that works for you. I have tried many. I hate filling feeders all the time, and egg layers need unlimited access to feed, so find one that holds at least 40lbs, the weight of a bag of chicken feed.

I’ve used these… the 40# feeder is for adults, the rest are for chicks.

Little Giant Mason Jar Feeder Base

Little Giant 24 In. Reel Type Feeder

Little Giant Galvanized Mason Jar Base – this is for providing water for chicks only for the first several days of their lives, at the same time as offering them the nipples on the bucket.

Chicken Care

Premier 1 Heat Lamp – you’ll need a heat lamp for the chicks, and for the hens come winter. This model is the best available on the market today. I have several for my chickens and goats and piglets. I recommend two right away, as you’ll have one always on with a heat lamp, and the other on only during the day for artificial light, should you choose to encourage egg laying  year round.